Submitting music for review in Malaise
Send us a copy of your CD/cassette/vinyl to the address below. We only review physical releases, so sending us a link to your bandcamp will likely just get you a signal boost on our social media, if we dig your music of course. Mail with it a letter with some info about the release, some background info on the band/artist, where you’re from etc. Alternatively just send us a follow up email with said info on it – you may or may not hear back from us within 24hrs. Are you sending a Pre-release? Promo tape? A review of your own band? Something under a major label? Fuck off.

Submitting columns, articles, photos, art, comix, interviews, zine/music/skate-video/spot/park reviews, anything else
Send the text and/or pictures via email to All photos, art, comix and images supplementary to text must be at 300dpi to be print friendly. All photos and art must be attributed to the original creator so let us know who they are if it’s not you. Columns need to be under 2000 words. Articles under 400 words. Reviews under 150.  When submitting zine reviews, please attach a scan of the front cover of the zine, again, at 300dpi. When submitting music reviews, we don’t care how you listened to it – digital or otherwise – just that you’ve actually listened to it. Skate-video reviews must be of full feature videos (7mins+). No pre-release parts or throwaway edits, you salty prick. Spot/park reviews must include a definitive location and are best served with photos of you or someone skating it.

Sending your physical zines, comics or videos for review in Malaise
Do try to send two copies – one for the reviewer and one for our library to potentially be played on our podcast. This is not fully necessary, but is fully sick. Also send a letter with and background info on the zine, comic or video.

All submissions go to:

P.O. Box 899 Oxford St.
Bulimba, QLD


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