Advertising in Malaise is easy! So long as you’re not affiliated with, endorsed/funded by any corporate entity and you’re totally independent. Let’s explore what being an independent organization means: simply put in the words of the immortal toy machine video, you’re no “blood-sucking corporate scum.” If you feel like you are blood-sucking corporate scum, Observe advises that you seek medical advice as the only thing we can professionally say to you is Fuck Off.

Advertising sizes! There’s only one of them.

width: 9cm
height: 12.5cm


About this big


That’s pretty much it. Oh yeah, it’s free. We have a print run nowadays of about 350 copies distributed around the central Brisbane area over the course of two months. 10 copies also get sent to the zine shop in Melbourne formally known as the Sticky Institute.

Chances are we have contacted you informing you about potentially advertising in Malaise so that means we think your business or band or whatever is totally cool and we want 350+ people to know about it through the zine.

As always, email: for the hook ups.


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