The Idea is to freely and regularly publish skater created art and literature and to provide an open platform for opinions and goings-ons in the local skate/DIY music scene. MALAISE aims to become the ardent defender of community involvement within skateboarding in the city of Brisbane and its surrounding suburbs, and there’s plenty of room at the bench for you to come and join in—we’re more than appreciative of criticisms and ideas that are sent to us because direct involvement is what it’s all about!

If you’re a skateboarder, newbie or veteran, current or ex; we’re currently looking for regular columnists, illustrators and photographers. If you’re a rock n’ roll musician (in the sense of underground punk/metal/hc/hip hop/anything independent really) and you want to promote yourself or talk about your favorite ‘whatever’, we do a regular ‘band about’ section you would be perfect for. If you listen to so much music that your ears bleed on a regular basis, and you happen to love writing about it, submit some gig or record reviews, we love that shit! Photographers? Send us some snaps of your squad and we might consider printing them. This is all for solidarity within a culture that deserves more than a subcategory of the Australian Rollerblading Association, or just another commercial magazine. We hope that in the future this can become something that Brisbane skaters look forward to seeing at their favorite skate or record shop, or even laying around at their local park. Get involved! and hit us up online: Twitter: @OBSkateboarding, facebook, email:

Check out the blog!


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