Get Involved!


Anyone who’s part of the collective as a volunteer will be involved with the current projects that it’s focused on. As of right now we are putting out a bi-monthly and free DIY punk and skateboarding fanzine called Malaise. If you’d like to step forward and participate, there are a few ways you can do so:

Reviewing for Malaise
Basically, anyone who works with Observe and Malaise can do reviews for the official ‘In-house reviews’ section of the zine. All other reviews submitted by non-members of the collective go in a separate section. When someone sends in their records/zines, we’ll pass them on to you, as a member of the collective, to have a read/listen; you write a review and then it gets put in Malaise! This is only the case when reviewing music that has been submitted, don’t stop yourself from writing a review for anything else. When it comes to writing reviews, we’re not gonna tell you how to do it; there’s only a word limit.

Distro Coordination
If you’d like a more hands on role in putting out issues of Malaise. This role includes:

  • Managing subscriptions
  • Monitoring postal costs and print runs
  • Social media related to merchandise, subscriptions, and distribution
  • Organizing distro/merch tables at zine fests, shows or records swaps
  • Making deliveries to local shops

Content Coordination
If you’re a creator, have a knack for print media or zine-making, or just want to be involved more artistically, you can help by:

  • Being a regular columnist/photographer/illustrator – means being able to put your writing or art out there and be known
  • Collaborating on layouts for each new issue
  • Being active in the local arts, skate, and punk scene to help story or feature ideas into fruition
  • Making call-outs in fliers, forums and social media for submissions

There are other small ways you can help out as well, if you want to learn more you can keep an eye out for meeting events on the Observe facebook page.

Contact us through here or via email with a bit about what you do, who you are and how you’d like to get involved.


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