Vision – About Observe


Observe is both eyes open, as many hands as you’ve got on, non-standardized, DIY, fully free, non-profit. What we’re trying to do is organize a skateboarding collective of individuals working as one – an entity that moves through the conventions and past those dreamers of industry. Currently that entity is small but is powerfully fueled by the ideal of a commercial-free, corporate-free, capitalist-free community of skaters; operating on an independently creative and progressive level.

We are Brisbane based since 2014 and our current project is a free skateboarding and punk rock/DIY music fanzine called Malaise. You can subscribe here, or see a list of where it’s stocked here. There’s also an irregular Malaise Podcast with music shows and recordings of interview features from the zine. Observe recognizes the importance of music and art within skateboarding, as well as the importance of maintaining a thriving creative scene – the bi-monthly zine was created to support this and so it continues. Malaise is printed through the use of Visible Ink‘s facilities and we are greatly thankful and supportive.

Our ambition is to establish a free community skate facility and youth center where skaters can come together, fix their boards, share ideas, create and skate. We won’t reach this goal soon. But having the aim is an essential part of the process to succeed in a way that the business model gulps audibly at. We are driven by our individual ideals but take action as one.

Regard these collectives and organizations we support:

Please feel free to contact us about anything. The zine, the collective, your thoughts.


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