Malaise Issue #2 Reviews

Music and zine reviews from the second issue of Malaise!


Pop Radical/The Flaccids Split tape
Slurps Up
If you’re like me, punk music can be alienating due to the overwhelming volume of straight, cis white boys. The message is sent firmly from the first song that this ep is catering to the queer punks. The Slurps Up half is fun. In comparison the other half has a much more aggressive tone, which is fucking great. What really won me over was the feminine vocals in the Flaccids side. The song that stood out to me the most was Fuck Yr Macho White Boy Entitlement. It expresses the frustration more effeminate people feel towards the unchecked domination of masculinity inside the punk scene. If you’re trans or otherwise queer, this ep is musically enjoyable and made by people like you. It’s definitely worth checking out. – Chris Allen

PURPLE ZAIN – Super Vision CD (2014)
EeZePeZe Music
“Eat the pill!” This CD a man in a sailor outfit gave me, who I assume is Dr. Zain by matching his face with the one on the insert, is an electro rock extravaganza into the future of psycho-surgery. It’s sort of a narrative set in 80’s B-grade-hospital-drama-style 3084 and each track is another “stage of treatment” that I, the “client” am to endure to treat my mental health issues. I got all that from the letter in the paperwork sleeve of the stolen Biological Hazard bag the CD came in. The medicine is two commercial doses of Coles brand Asprin. I fucking love this CD cause it keeps reminding me of Garth Marenghi’s Dark Place, one of my favorite British spoof series’. The two instrumental bonus tracks are bordering psychadellic and if anything the album as a whole has put me in a much nicer head space. -Tom

Pestilential Shadows – Ephemeral
Seancere Records
Dark, raw, atmospheric, brilliant. A flawless album from the Australian black metal powerhouse. The albums intensity can be likened to having steel wires fed up your veins and electrified. It has the smell of corpses.

Horsehunter – Caged in Flesh
Massive, crushing, doom. The debut album from Horse Hunter is a juggernaut. Powerful riffs summon sounds and gods from realms unknown, and press them into submission. With the opening track, Stoned To Death, clocking in at over 16 minutes you know you’re in for something epic.

Dr. Peppernickle’s Orphanarium of Obese Aristicrates – Self-titled
DPOOA’s lastest release is their most cohesive yet. Like some kind of alt-rock punk funk retard baby it crawls its way from the Brisbane sewers. Get them in your ear holes! – Josh Regan


(Slubberdegullion Magazine
A really colourful fem-zine by Alex Cambolvich and her housemates. This issue features an interview with comic artist and pervert Nicky Minus, a spread about healthy and unhealthy relationships, an interview with BOTTLECOCK, and a spread on ending rape culture for the Reclaim The Night march on Halloween last year. What’s great about Slubs is its satisfying mixture of art, comix, feminist advocasy and good writing. All with a healthy dose of info for upcoming gigs, rallies and cool shit to check out. Every issue has a short speil titled “why make a zine?” and it always justifies zine making culture and reveres its power. I’m not sure why they feel the need to put this in every issue cause the answer’s simple: society just needs a bad-ass fem-zine like this, that’s why. — Tom

sucker punch
BLACK Eyes Sucker Punch Zine #1

A zine by band ALBION GOLD about stuff they dig. It starts with a thanks for coming to one of their shows to get a copy of the zine but I feel awkward because I got my copy directly trading with Laura Mardon of the band at an FTS DIY gig and had never seen AG at that point. The stuff I dig is the list of bands they think are rad because I can only successfully pick a couple of them and that’s probably a good sign (or a bad one), and the section on ‘Urban Fantasy Romance and Other Guilty Pleasures’ because it links to shit I can identify with on a very sad but humoring level. Stay Free. — Tom

queer content ish2

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