MALAISE #2 – Women and LGBTQ+ Punks and Skaters | NEW ISSUE

ISSUE TWO COVER#2 is here! Malaise did a number two, I wouldn’t go in there if I were you.

This issue’s focus was on just a few of the awesome local female and queer skaters and punks in the local scene.

Interviews with FLANGIPANIS, Ecks Jayden from TRIGGER WARNING, Photo feature by Tessa Fox from KIRI, ‘Story of a Mum who Skates’ by Indigo Willing, Luke Morgan’s (MUDDY CHANTER) Art Focus, End of The Line Festival demo write-up with photography by Marcel Lip from the BSA, Art, Music and zine reviews, and more!

Thanks to: Chrissie Nowland and the people at Visible Ink for existing and continuing to exist; Tessa Fox for dealing with layout shenanigans; Luke Morgan and Kyle Miller; Lauren Confos and Fuck The System DIY for keeping the scene alive, up the aussie punx!; Chardons Corner Hotel for all the rad shows past and yet to come; John and Patience from The Southside Tea Room for letting us host hangouts, and Dominique too; Indigo Willing – I hope your story inspires all the would-be female skaters who read it; Cayde Gray; the Flangipanis; Marcel Lip and the BSA, you guys should change the anagram to Best Skaters in Australia – keep doing good things and stay independent; Ecks Jayden for sharing with us your Brisbane punksperience; Josh Regan and the mighty DOOMFUCKER; all the skaters and punk of Pig City.

#2 Is available at 4ZZZ studios, Rocking Horse Records, Skatebiz and more TBA.

Click here to order a copy or make a subscription through our shop.


About Malaise HQ

Brisbane based skateboarding and arts zine.
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