BAND INTERVIEW – Flangipanis at Ric’s [16/01/15 from Malaise #2]



Jodie checked the clock on her phone, “it’s only just turned six, we can still get pretty sloshed before the show.” I met with the current formation of local pop-punks Flangipanis at Ric’s on Friday 16th of January to have a not too deep talk about the band, but mostly the people in it. Flange were the literal first punk sounds I heard in Brisbane after scowering the frequencies thinking, “there must be something better than this triple J shit.” I thought I was gonna go fan-boy when I met with them but they were rad and inviting. This is no expose, just a chill convo with great people.  – Tom Magee

Tom: We already gassed about New Year’s, but tell us again about the broken rib?
Jodie: Hayden! You broke a rib!
Hayden: New Year’s day; slip ‘n’ slide; the jump.
Josh: Good story. Can you edit that down?
Hayden: We had some extra plastic left over and we had to make the best of it so we laid it down for New Year’s day and it was even better with a jump.
Jodie: Which was half the fence. We took half the fence apart to make a jump. Nobody was doing a triple zed top 100 party, so we did.
Pauly: Hayden came down the slip ‘n’ slide, over the jump, and straight into my knee. And that’s how he cracked it.
Hayden: It’s still bruised. And I did a ring of fire jump!

Tom: So, what’s the history of Flangipanis? Where’d it start off? How’d it happen?
Jodie: It started because… Hayden and I used to play in a band called The Packets. We used to drive down to Gold Coast ‘cause it was a Gold Coast band; we’d drive down there every week for practice and then pretty much every second weekend for a show. Then, one week, our vans both fucked out and we couldn’t get there. So we asked them to come up for one practice – and we’d been playing for, like, two years or something – and they’re like, “nah, it’s too far; not gonna go.” And we’re like “fuck you guys,” so, then we started our own band.
Tom: Born out of convenience.
Jodie: Yeah, pretty much.

scan0002 scan0003

Tom: What’s your latest release about?
Jodie: It was just a release…
Josh: [laughs]
Jodie: Well, we wanted to record on tape – I wanted to record on tape. Most people record on Pro Tools and then slap it on a vinyl, because that’s what the cool kids do and it’s a better quality, it is a better quality I’ll give them that. Unless you spend a lot of fuckin’ money – which we didn’t, we only spent $200 bucks or $300 bucks or something? We recorded it on tape and, yeah, it was pretty sweet. But I think they mastered it pretty shit – they mastered it digitally and it just didn’t come out very well.
Josh: it was a good recording though. Swashbuckling Hobo Records is where we recorded it; he does a label and a studio; does all the garage-y sorta shit.
Jodie: It was good fun.

Tom: When was the last time you guys were in costume? And is there an STD/UTI costume?
Jodie: HA, there should be! I just got a sewing machine for my 30th birthday, now I have two sewing machines. I wonder what it’d look like… anal warts? I was actually looking at pictures of STDs today at work.
Tom: Would it be just a giant green, gross, dick?
Jodie: Well, most of them, the dicks are just red from half way down. So it’d just be, like, an infected dick.
Josh: Ohhh, that’s what it is…
Jodie: But yeah, there were heaps of different kinds. I was on a website – that was a government website – that was promoting health in sex workers. So, every three months they’re supposed to get a check-up from the doctor, and they have a little thing that the doctor signs to say, “hey I’ve had my check up; I’m fine.” And it just had heaps of pictures of STDs on there. And STIs.
Josh: I tried to look up dicks at work and got in trouble…
Jodie: But yeah, the last costume was probably the overalls. We made them for Dead of Winter Festival. It’s, like, a goth, metal, punk festival that they hold at the Jubilee every now and then. I don’t think they’ll do it again ‘cause they lost too much money.
Josh: That’s what we’re wearing on the cover of the latest 7”.
Hayden: We should wear those infinity suits, ‘cause we’re so buff and good-looking.
Jodie: What’s an infinity suit?
Hayden: It’s just that whole one color; full mask and everything—
Tom: A morph suit?
Hayden: A morph suit! Yeah…
Jodie: I could probably make those… That’d be really hot.
Josh: That’d be so sweaty.
Hayden: And we’d look worse than we do already.
Jodie: That’d look awful… We should do it.
Hayden: I was looking at cool costumes in the states. There’s, like, taco costumes. Like, full taco.
Jodie: How’re you gonna play in that?
Hayden: …I don’t care.
Jodie: I played in a leprechaun suit once and it was really hard ‘cause the belly was so big.
Hayden: There’s one and it’s got a chick giving a blow job—
Jodie: On the front of it? That sounds rad.

Tom: What’s you guys’ process when you put music out? How do you develop it?
Josh: Think of a stupid idea, pretend to develop it, probably don’t.
Hayden: Five minutes later, we have a great song.
Tom: What was the process for ‘Cover Your Ears’?
Jodie: I can’t remember what one that was…
Josh: It was the first one.
Jodie: Ummm… I think I wrote it and then made everyone play it. Hayden wrote one of them. Kinda. Hayden’s our lead songwriter.
Josh: He’s up to two songs now.
Jodie: That’s pretty good.
Pauly: That’s more than I’ve done.
Jodie: Josh didn’t record on that one though. I don’t remember if you were in the band or?
Josh: No, I was in the band, I just wasn’t invited.
Josh: I joined about a year and a bit after it started. And they started recording a couple months later and I wasn’t tight enough…
Jodie: Really?
Josh: Yeah.
Jodie: Aw… Sorry, Josh.

Tom: So, the first time I ever put on a decent radio station in Brisbane was 4zzz and the first song I heard was you guys’ ‘My Period Is Late’ and that was probably the best introduction to punk I could’ve ever had in any town.
Tom: My question is: What’s you guys’ relationship with 4zzz?
Pauly: I’ve been starting to co-host a show – The Brown Couch. I’m pretty much Buddha’s double.
Jodie: So, Buddha used to play bass, used to do Brown Couch which is 4pm ‘til 6pm on Thursdays. And then Buddha got too sick to do that; too sick to play, so Pauly came to play with us.
Josh: And now Paul’s been spending a lot of time with Buddha’s parents; they’re getting along pretty well.
Josh: Triple zed’s an odd one ‘cause there’s a lot of people we know that do it but half of them I only know because of doing music. Because we did alright on triple zed, we then met more people and, yeah, it’s an odd one… That’s how I met Flange’, from going to triple zed fundraiser shows.
Tom: [to Jodie] From listening to the ‘Kids With Class Kickin’ Arse’ show, it sounds like you and Danikah are pretty good friends?
Jodie: Yeah, we’ve become friends. I went to her house for a barbecue, that means we’re friends. I remember when I first started listening to triple zed I thought, “Arg these bands only get played because they’re announcers and they’re friends with announcers,” but then you’re friends with announcers cause you go to triple zed shit and you meet then, like, they’re not cunts; they’re nice people. Well most of them. Some of them. A couple. [Laughs]
Pauly: The ones we know.
Josh: When I was playing in my older band I met Buddha through Flangipanis and went onto Buddha’s show a couple of times and then from there sort of got to know other announcers so I ended up on their shows. So then when you have a new band, they ask the new band back in. So there is a little bit of that whole ‘someone you know,’ but it’s not in a shit, bad, way.
Jodie: And it’s not like we go out to meet them specifically cause they’re triple zed announcers. They support music and we support music so we’re at the same place for it.
Pauly: I’ve been listening to triple zed since I was about 15 or something.

Tom: I wanted to know about ‘Stones Green Ginger Wine’?
Jodie: Why do you wanna know about that one?
Tom: It just seems like an interesting song.
Josh: It’s one of the best drinks. It’s amazing.
Hayden: We used to drink a lot of it. A lot-a lot of it.
Jodie: Yeah, I remember when I was 17, just before I turned 18, I went down to Woolongong to see my grandparents and my nana and grandpa had this amazing alcohol cabinet just filled with shit that no-one ever drinks. They’re like, “help yourself!” I’m like, “don’t mind if I do!” And I polished off a whole bottle of stones – ‘cause I didn’t know that it was so strong and you weren’t supposed to really drink it by itself. You can, but not a whole bottle. And I got really fuck-faced but I really liked it. No-one really sells it so I ended up, for years, just smuggling it into bars – ‘cause you put it in your beer and it gingers up your beer. It just became a thing, I dunno. But we can’t really play it anymore ‘cause it was for Buddha – he wrote the intro and stuff. So it was a good song.
Tom: What’s 2015 gonna be like for you guys? What’re you looking forward to?
Josh: Oh we just recorded some songs for the next album, uhh, last Saturday? Yeah, so just gonna go record that in March or April.
Jodie: It sounded pretty sweet; it’s gonna have 14 tracks on it.
Josh: It’s gonna be a good 20 minutes.
Jodie: [laughs]
Josh: It’s a bit of a prog-y concept album for us.
Pauly: It’s 28 minutes.
Jodie: But that’s cause of the one song that goes for ages.
Pauly: Yeah, goes for 4 and a half minutes.
Jodie: We actually mixed the blue CD, which is ‘Open Your Mouth’. We mixed that at a place called The Shed, which is, like, walking distance from my house which is sweet. While I was there they were just like, “oh yeah, don’t mind this,” and they’d just been tracking the Violent Soho ‘Hungry…?
Tom: ‘Hungry Ghosts’ – I’m a fuckin’ huge fan of Violent Soho.
Jodie: Yeah, and that’s where they recorded it and where we mixed the other CD. They’re free late March and we’re free April so we’ll do that in April. The dude’s a genius, man. He builds his own shit. He gets patents off the internet and goes, “oh yeah, I’ll build that,” and, like, builds himself pre-amps. It’s a little eccentric, as you would be, but nah he’s really cool. But yeah, so we’re gonna record that, then hopefully tour and be a little bit more organized than last time ‘cause I wasn’t very organized last time.
Josh: The last year’s been a little bit…
Jodie: Yeah, member changes.
Josh: About ten different ones.
Jodie: Hissy-fits and illnesses and fuckin’ last minute tours. Booking flights and then booking shows never really goes well. Actually it went okay…
Josh: It coulda gone worse.
Jodie: Yeah, it coulda gone worse but this time we’re gonna try book shows and then flights in advance so that the flights aren’t a billion dollars. Try get to Adelaide again! That was heaps of fun.
Tom: What’s in Adelaide?
Hayden: Coopers Brewery!
Jodie: Yeah, last time we went there we started drinking at, like, 9-o’clock ‘cause we got there super early in the morning because the flights are cheaper at 7am. And so, we were staying in a back-packers, went to the closest bar and just took a picture of ourselves drinking Coopers and put it on the Flangipanis facebook page. Some dude mentioned on the facebook, “oh I happen to work at that brewery, do you want a personal tour?” We’re like, “fuck yeah we do!” So, he took us out on Saturday when they don’t normally do tours and it was just the one dude who does tours who gave us our own personal tour throughout the whole brewery and we sat in the board room and drank their Coopers. It was amazing!
Hayden: They had those samurai heads…what is it? That mask thing.
Jodie: Yeah, like, weird gift things.
Josh: Yeah, they’d just had their 100th year anniversary so there were all these gifts everywhere.
Hayden: So much cool shit in there.
Josh: The board table made out of the barrels they used in the very first Coopers distilliary.
Hayden: The bar in the board room with every possible Coopers you could have.
Jodie: Yeah it was great.
Tom: Sounds like my shit.
Jodie: Except for Josh ‘cause he doesn’t drink beer. He just sat there and watched us drink beer.
Josh: And then I went to another brewery and had the best cider ever so it was alright.
Jodie: Half a glass…
Josh: No-no they found another keg for me.
Jodie: Did they? Nice… Yeah so, release and tour.

Tom: Nice! What’re death wings?
Jodie: [laughs] Dude!
Josh: [pointing at the street] Down the road!
Jodie: Aw, we’re not gonna have time for death wings tonight. We should totally take you for death wings. They’re down the road at Yard Bird, you walk that way for about five minutes. They do a little food but it’s always been, like, a trendy sort of place… I don’t really care. These death wings are sometimes touch-and-go cause they change the recipe all the time. Sometimes they rip your face off and sometimes they’re just pleasant. A lot of people can’t eat them cause they’re so spicy. And they do death wing challenges – basically, you’ve got 12 minutes to eat as many wings as you can so it’s really fuckin’ hard. Even if they weren’t hot, eating that much chicken in 12 minutes is really difficult.
Tom: Who holds the record in the band?
Jodie: We were actually in Ipswich the last time they had a death wing competition and there just so happened to be a death wing competition at the Ipswich Pub at the same time, which Hayden took out! It was ten wings in ten minutes-
Pauly: These wings were fuckin’ massive. It was the whole wing, like, not just the drumstick bit or the wing bit but the whole thing.
Jodie: They brought it out and it was three whole chickens.
Hayden: We had to sign a waiver.
Tom: You had to sign a waiver?!
Jodie: Yeah, we had to sign a waiver! Had to wear gloves.
Hayden: Our arms burned when we played later.
Tom: That’s crazy.
Jodie: Yeah but just down the road they do the nice, little, ones but last time, the supplier was really shit. They were really small so the guy ate, like, 46 of them or something ridiculous. So after that they changed the supplier and got bigger wings again.
Pauly: I’ve had 25 and Jodie’s done 26.
Tom: Small ones or big ones?
Pauly: The average ones.
Hayden: We should do, like, a ‘part two’ of this interview and the other one should be up there [at Yard Bird] or something.
Tom: Oh you mean, like, a post-death wings interview so you guys are burning at the mouth while you’re trying to answer questions.
Hayden: You should come and eat them too.
Jodie: Do you like spicy shit?
Tom: I love spicy food. I would do that but I’m vegetarian.
Jodie: Ah totally.
Hayden: Just get the sauce put on, like, chips or something.
Tom: Yeah? Death chips.
Pauly: All the food at Yard Bird is amazing. Get the chili-cheese fries – they do a vegetarian one as well.
Jodie: You could get the chili-cheese fries but instead of getting chili shit, get death wing shit.
Pauly: That sounds awesome, I want that!
Jodie: Death wing everything! “I’ll have a death wing beer, thanks.”
Tom: Well that was the last question, is there anything you’d like to say to the people? What do the people need ot hear from Flangipanis?
Jodie: …Nah
Tom: Cheers!

Flangipanis’ BandcampFlangipanis on facefuck – Order Malaise #2


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