Community News – 1st Deathcember 2014

What’s up, snakes. This past November was a pretty sick one, The Joint Effort reincarnated!

Local pop-punks FLANGIPANIS released their new 7″ ‘Just Because It Fits Doesn’t Mean You Should Fuck It’ at CROWBAR. Look forward to an interview in issue #2 of Malaise!

Photo: Jeff at the FTS DIY gig – Unrelated note: We are currently accepting used/new camera donations.

FTS DIY put on some rad shows including an end of year celebration at Chardons which we were at. The guy behind POSSESSED SKATEBOARDS came to us bearing gifts of ale and cloth. We really need a camera to document all the shit we get up to.

6FtHick show at BEARDED LADY went off, as expected. Watch this doco that follows them around Europe on-tour back in 2010.

Fundraiser happening at BREWS BROTHERS to pay for legal fees of those unjustly charged protesting/existing during the G20 on the 12th.

Southside Tea Room are running a pozible campaign to help fund a ‘Supper Truck’ and beer garden extensions to the restaurant. Southside is very sick, promoting local zine and DIY culture for years and they’re looking at $20,000 of funds needed to get this thing happening. Share this post if you can’t pledge a donation, but if you can, chip in whatever you want and choose from a selection of reward incentives! Just $10 gets you a ‘Bloody Legend’ stubbie and $2000 will hook you up with a ‘Rager’ party in the beer garden and a custom menu! Support this local business and DIT.

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