MALAISE MUSIC PODCAST – #002 George Battams & Tom Magee [14-11-14]

George Battams comes trough with a solid podcast line up of songs from bands he digs, organized into a set-by-label theme. Yes. Again Yes.


BREATHE IN – “11-10-00 (Long Drive Home)” [From This Day On 2006]
CEREMONY – “Kersed” [Violence Violence 2006]
IRON CHIC – “Don’t Drive Angry” [The Constant One 2013]
CLOAKROOM – “Dream Warden” [Self-Titled 2014]
WHIRR – “Ease” & NOTHING – “Chloroform” [Split 2014]
BASEMENT – “Covet” [colourmeinkindness 2012]
LUCA BRASI – “Theme song for HQ” [Extended Family 2011]
FREAKWAVE – “Shoot For The Cure” [Don’t Let Me Down 2014]
SMITH STREET BAND – “Surrender” [Throw Me in a River 2014]
SUPERHEAVEN – “Sponge” [Jar 2013]
TITLE FIGHT – “Secret Society” [Floral Green 2012]
VIOLENT SOHO – “Dope Calypso” [Hungry Ghost 2013]
THE BENNIES – “Livin’ Sleazy” [PARTY! PARTY! PARTY! 2011]

The Malaise Music Podcast is irregular, but fucking sick. If you send two copies of your physical release, be it CD/LP/Cassette, to be reviewed for the zine and added to the official library, we’ll play one of your songs on the show! If you liked this podcast, more shall come in time. In the mean time, why not subscribe to Malaise Fanzine and support independent music and skateboarding in Brisbane?!


About Malaise HQ

Brisbane based skateboarding and arts zine.
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