Malaise Issue #2 Reviews

Music and zine reviews from the second issue of Malaise!

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BAND INTERVIEW – Flangipanis at Ric’s [16/01/15 from Malaise #2]



Jodie checked the clock on her phone, “it’s only just turned six, we can still get pretty sloshed before the show.” I met with the current formation of local pop-punks Flangipanis at Ric’s on Friday 16th of January to have a not too deep talk about the band, but mostly the people in it. Flange were the literal first punk sounds I heard in Brisbane after scowering the frequencies thinking, “there must be something better than this triple J shit.” I thought I was gonna go fan-boy when I met with them but they were rad and inviting. This is no expose, just a chill convo with great people.  – Tom Magee

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MALAISE #2 – Women and LGBTQ+ Punks and Skaters | NEW ISSUE

ISSUE TWO COVER#2 is here! Malaise did a number two, I wouldn’t go in there if I were you.

This issue’s focus was on just a few of the awesome local female and queer skaters and punks in the local scene.

Interviews with FLANGIPANIS, Ecks Jayden from TRIGGER WARNING, Photo feature by Tessa Fox from KIRI, ‘Story of a Mum who Skates’ by Indigo Willing, Luke Morgan’s (MUDDY CHANTER) Art Focus, End of The Line Festival demo write-up with photography by Marcel Lip from the BSA, Art, Music and zine reviews, and more!

Thanks to: Chrissie Nowland and the people at Visible Ink for existing and continuing to exist; Tessa Fox for dealing with layout shenanigans; Luke Morgan and Kyle Miller; Lauren Confos and Fuck The System DIY for keeping the scene alive, up the aussie punx!; Chardons Corner Hotel for all the rad shows past and yet to come; John and Patience from The Southside Tea Room for letting us host hangouts, and Dominique too; Indigo Willing – I hope your story inspires all the would-be female skaters who read it; Cayde Gray; the Flangipanis; Marcel Lip and the BSA, you guys should change the anagram to Best Skaters in Australia – keep doing good things and stay independent; Ecks Jayden for sharing with us your Brisbane punksperience; Josh Regan and the mighty DOOMFUCKER; all the skaters and punk of Pig City.

#2 Is available at 4ZZZ studios, Rocking Horse Records, Skatebiz and more TBA.

Click here to order a copy or make a subscription through our shop.

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Community News – 1st Deathcember 2014

What’s up, snakes. This past November was a pretty sick one, The Joint Effort reincarnated!

Local pop-punks FLANGIPANIS released their new 7″ ‘Just Because It Fits Doesn’t Mean You Should Fuck It’ at CROWBAR. Look forward to an interview in issue #2 of Malaise!

Photo: Jeff at the FTS DIY gig – Unrelated note: We are currently accepting used/new camera donations.

FTS DIY put on some rad shows including an end of year celebration at Chardons which we were at. The guy behind POSSESSED SKATEBOARDS came to us bearing gifts of ale and cloth. We really need a camera to document all the shit we get up to.

6FtHick show at BEARDED LADY went off, as expected. Watch this doco that follows them around Europe on-tour back in 2010.

Fundraiser happening at BREWS BROTHERS to pay for legal fees of those unjustly charged protesting/existing during the G20 on the 12th.

Southside Tea Room are running a pozible campaign to help fund a ‘Supper Truck’ and beer garden extensions to the restaurant. Southside is very sick, promoting local zine and DIY culture for years and they’re looking at $20,000 of funds needed to get this thing happening. Share this post if you can’t pledge a donation, but if you can, chip in whatever you want and choose from a selection of reward incentives! Just $10 gets you a ‘Bloody Legend’ stubbie and $2000 will hook you up with a ‘Rager’ party in the beer garden and a custom menu! Support this local business and DIT.

on the daily

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DISTRO THIS! – Malaise #2 Callout!

Click for lager picture – print, distribute

MALAISE is rolling itself into a nice mossy stone for a second issue, wanna get involved? Be a piece of moss too! Wait– that’s not how the saying goes… Whatever! Be a part of issue two and submit yer will (music/zines, reviews, colums, ads, comics, interviews, scene reports, anything else!)

Theme: Female and queer skaters and punks

Due Date: 25th December 2014

Click here for finer details on submissions!

‘DISTRO THIS!’ is a way of chucking you a stack of fliers to hand out, except over the internet. We think this thing above is rad and you should share it around in whatever capacity, including physical. Save the image, print it out, distribute it and spread the word. We don’t take submissions for this, so don’t ask.

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DEADLINE: Thursday December 25th

Issue Theme: Female and LGBT+ Skaters and Punx in the local scene.
If you identify as a female or queer punk/skater in the Brisbane area, this issue is all you! – Note, submissions are not exclusive to female or queer skaters for this issue, all submissions are welcome!

Submit your columns, scene reports, photography, illustrations, art, comics, music/spot/zine reviews, interviews, ads and expressions of interest to or the address below.

All photos, article supplementary images and pictures of art submitted must be at 300dpi to be print friendly. Helps make the zine look pretty!

Band? Musician? Filmer? Zinester? Send your zines/skate videos/music for review in our in-house reviews section! In-house reviewers only review physical music releases – no digital music; we keep it authentic here.

Mail to:
P.O. Box 899
Oxford Street, Bulimba

Ph Tom: 0466-428-019



JOIN THE COLLECTIVE! Become a part of Observe and help put out new issues of Malaise:


Malaise Fanzine is a free independent publication by the Observe Skateboarding collective. Printed at Visible Ink in Fortitude

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MALAISE MUSIC PODCAST – #002 George Battams & Tom Magee [14-11-14]

George Battams comes trough with a solid podcast line up of songs from bands he digs, organized into a set-by-label theme. Yes. Again Yes.


BREATHE IN – “11-10-00 (Long Drive Home)” [From This Day On 2006]
CEREMONY – “Kersed” [Violence Violence 2006]
IRON CHIC – “Don’t Drive Angry” [The Constant One 2013]
CLOAKROOM – “Dream Warden” [Self-Titled 2014]
WHIRR – “Ease” & NOTHING – “Chloroform” [Split 2014]
BASEMENT – “Covet” [colourmeinkindness 2012]
LUCA BRASI – “Theme song for HQ” [Extended Family 2011]
FREAKWAVE – “Shoot For The Cure” [Don’t Let Me Down 2014]
SMITH STREET BAND – “Surrender” [Throw Me in a River 2014]
SUPERHEAVEN – “Sponge” [Jar 2013]
TITLE FIGHT – “Secret Society” [Floral Green 2012]
VIOLENT SOHO – “Dope Calypso” [Hungry Ghost 2013]
THE BENNIES – “Livin’ Sleazy” [PARTY! PARTY! PARTY! 2011]

The Malaise Music Podcast is irregular, but fucking sick. If you send two copies of your physical release, be it CD/LP/Cassette, to be reviewed for the zine and added to the official library, we’ll play one of your songs on the show! If you liked this podcast, more shall come in time. In the mean time, why not subscribe to Malaise Fanzine and support independent music and skateboarding in Brisbane?!

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Malaise is gonna be setting up a table at the FTS DIY End of Year Community Showcase Celebration at Chardons Corner Hotel on November 30th!

Let us know if you want your zines at our table or come and say hi on the day!

Here’s more info.

Laura O’Brien

FTS DIY are a really rad group of punks keeping the ball rolling in the QLD scene with free punk nights and community strengthening events such as this one. Bring a donation or some food and show support. Up the Aussie Punx!

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click for the larger picture – print, distribute

BrisCAN stands for Brisbane Community Action Network and they’re a network of political activists working together to make Brisbane a solid and forceful epicenter of protest and effective action against corrupt regimes.

Regard the website and facebook page and event.

‘DISTRO THIS!’ is a way of chucking you a stack of fliers to hand out, except over the internet. We think this thing above is rad and you should share it around in whatever capacity, including physical. Save the image, print it out, distribute it and spread the word. We don’t take submissions for this, so don’t ask.

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Join the collective! – End of November social record party

Are you interested in collaborating with like-minded creatives and passionate to contribute to the Brisbane punk rock or skateboarding scenes? You are? Fuck yeah!

Observe is a small group of like-minded individuals coming together as one to promote and progress the local skateboarding community of Brisbane and its surrounding areas in the realest way possible. Observe takes action through the projects it undertakes. You can do your part by joining the team and helping out in whatever capacity you can.

the outpost


Current Project
Currently we’re invested in putting out a free, non-profit, bi-monthly DIY punk and skateboarding fanzine called Malaise of which the first issue launched on the 1st of November 2014.

Through the recognition of the obvious connections between music and skating; the point of Malaise is to unify the two cultures, as well as provide a platform for those who are part of these cultures to share ideas and passion about what they love – perpetuating the movement of progression within the two as artistic ventures.

Malaise has a hearty reviews section where bands or artists can submit their music/zines to be reviewed in-house. In order to support local businesses related to the zine (e.g. skate shops/companies or record labels/stores), there are small free ad spaces as well. The most integral parts of Malaise are the columns, articles and art/photo features as these are where said individuals share their stories and spread ideas.

You can help to put out future issues of Malaise by dropping us a line via email and letting us know what you do, who you are, and how you’d like to help. [] 

This is just a list of a couple, but there are plenty ways for you to get involved with Malaise:

  • Distribution – managing subscriptions, talking to shops about their stocks, organizing zine fest tables, promoting launches via social media, and more
  • Content – contacting people/bands/artists about features, being a regular columnist/photographer/illustrator, collaborating on layout and editorial of each issue, and more
  • Reviewing – Anyone involved with Malaise and the collective is eligible to write reviews for the in-house reviews section of the zine. We receive the music/zines in the mail or however and you, as an active member of the collective, may be given them to write your thoughts on it – all within your enthusiasm to do so of course. But who doesn’t wanna listen to records and read zines all day?

In related news, Observe is hosting a record party at the end of the month on either Thursday 27th or Saturday 29th at 6pm. A venue is being searched for at the moment – somewhere we can all come together and listen to records, talk zines/music/skating and just have a chilled session. Join the facebook event to keep updated via social media cyber-robotics, or watch this space!

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